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Life update. 

I’ve been awful again haven’t I? Saying that I’m definitely back for good and then disappearing for long periods of time. To the people who regularly kept up with my blog – I’m sorry. I’ll try not to be as flaky to you this time! 

I figured I would give you a general update on how everything is going at the moment as a lot has changed since my last post! 

I found a new job, which I absolutely love! I thought I was happy when I was having good days in retail and as a travelling photographer, but now I have a routine and set hours I am in my element. I work at a brilliant little company in Southend who do asbestos surveying and air testing – an industry of which I never thought I would be working in! I am a member of the office admin team and work with some fantastic people who are so supportive and can easily make one of my down days much happier and brighter. My new colleagues know about my health conditions and the depression and it felt like a weight off of my shoulders when it came up in conversation and I told them about all of the problems I’ve faced and they understood. Normally when I’ve spoken to people about it, I get the “well im sure it wasn’t that difficult..” Or “that’s a bit dramatic”. 

At this company, I am only an apprentice at the moment so I’ve got tonnes of college work and essays to write about the silliest and simplest of things (I’ve managed to write a two page essay on how to photocopy things – it was a very tedious task)

Since I started my new job, I have been much better off financially. Not having to worry about if I was going to be able to keep my car on the road was becoming way too stressful. However I treated myself to a new car! I have to do monthly payments on him, but that isn’t a huge “oh crap. Can I afford to do that?” these days which means I can finally start saving too.  

I was inspired recently to donate my body to science too. I read “Stiff: the curious lives of human cadavers” and was amazed to learn that you are able to donate your body to science when you die, which can help train newly qualified medical professionals, assist in safety tests to get accurate results, etc. 


Hopefully I will be able to keep up a good posting schedule and if I suddenly go flaky on you all again – find me and slap me. 



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