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My favourite Christmas adverts.

By now our televisions and radios will be full of adverts reminding us that the year is almost over and Christmas is only a few weeks away. Year after year it seems to be a competition between stores and companies to one-up their advert from the previous year and beat their rivals adverts too.

No matter what there is always hype over the John Lewis adverts, but let’s face it – it’s not Christmas until you’ve seen or heard the Coca Cola advert.

I’ve had a lot of “have you seen the -insert ad name here- advert this year?” And I’ve already decided on my top five favourites of the season. Sorry John Lewis fans – that one isn’t in this countdown!

5 – Very.co.uk

Not only does the start of this advert have a real reindeer (Major points with me – they’re adorable) the scenery looks like it wouldn’t be out of place in How The Grinch Stole Christmas. These were the main things that made me like the advert (it was either this or the Kiwk Fit advert!!) although if anybody wants to send me a box as neatly wrapped as the ones in this advert, please do!!

4 – Lidl

Welcome to the Lidl school of Christmas. Admittedly it didn’t click with me the first time I heard it, but when it did I thought it was genius! I bet you’re not able to guess what sold this advert to me… Yup, the dog. Not only does the advert highlight the struggle of tangled tree lights and gifts that make you think “what the…?” It features the amazing line of “so let’s get our Ho’s in order” – oh Lidl, you so punny. Stanley the dogs reaction to being dressed as Santa is pretty much my dogs reaction to trying on Christmas jumpers last year (except Rex who embraced it because he was a tiny puppy).

3 – ASDA

ANTLERS ON ALL OF THE THINGS! I love the song on this advert, possibly one of the more catchier ones this season – sometimes Christmas advert songs are dull, slow and make me want to have a little cat nap each time I hear it – this one however is toe-tappingly catchy and I don’t sigh when it comes on the radio.  The great use of antlers too makes this a favourite. Although if I do not see a single ASDA home delivery driver with antlers on themselves and their vans, I will be emailing a complaint to them right away! The final thing that sold this for me… The car decorated in Christmas lights. If I could do it to mine, I totally would! But tinsel might be as far as I get!!

2 – Tesco

This year Tesco have released a series of adverts that follow the same family on their trips to the store. The one above – advertising their gluten free range – is possibly my favourite out of them all. It is great to see a supermarket advertising the fact they have an entire range of gluten free products including festive items. Having dietary requirements like that at this time of the year must be difficult to shop for – at least Tesco added some humour to it!

1 – Sainsburys

The moment I saw this advert, I knew it would be my favourite one this year. Not only does it promote children reading, how freaking cute is Mog?! I absolutely love how the advert is read like a children’s book, the animations and just the whole fuzzy warm feeling it gives at the end when the community comes together for the family and Mog gets his egg of course.

What Christmas adverts are your favourites this year? Share in the comments below!


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