My 2016 To Watch List – Films. 

This year, I want to start going to the cinema more often. Thankfully there are a lot of movies coming out in 2016 that I want to see! This list is in no particular order because I’m not sure I could actually put them in an order, but there are – of course – some that I am more excited than others about.


I remember these books from when I was growing up so seeing it as a film is going to be interesting.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. 

I love a good zombie film, but this has a different twist to the ones I normally watch featuring zombie nazis trying to protect one of Hitlers secrets.

Zoolander 2.

Zoolander is possibly one of my favourite films, so I’ve got some super high expectations for Zoolander 2. The trailer doesn’t disappoint and I’m sure my sides will be hurting when I leave the cinema!

The Boy. 

The trailer for this gave me the creeps but it looks so good. I love Lauren Cohan after seeing her kick zombie butt in The Walking Dead so seeing her in this will be brilliant.

Now You See Me 2. 

I saw the first NYSM when we purchased it in Tesco after reading the back of it and thinking it sounded good. I loved it, but sadly one of the puppies chewed the dvd up 😦 the second one looks great but I can’t get over Daniel Radcliffe in any other roles than Potter. But more importantly, Mark Ruffalo ❤️

The Secret Life Of Pets.

I’m a sucker for an animated film, but one that is about adorable animals – even better!

Suicide Squad. 

I really can not wait for this to come out! It looks amazing, and Jared Leto is fantastic. I’ll most likely end up going to see this twice.




Robert Langdon is back!!! I’m a huge fan of the Robert Langdon series by Dan Brown. The books are amazing, and the films are too in their own right. Can you tell I’m super excited for this one?! Sadly no trailers have been released yet, but I’ll be keeping my eyes open!
What films can’t you wait to see in 2016? I populated my list using IMDB’s “coming soon” feature.


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