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Book Review: The Secret Of Heaven by Felix Alexander.

3 Stars – May contain spoilers. 

I was asked to review this book by Booktasters in exchange for an honest review. 

I was excited to read The Secret of Heaven, which is the first book in the Aiden Leonardo series, as it sounded rather Dan Brown-esque. I was left satisfied with a few little hints of disappointment which I just can not seem to shift.

My first disappointment with this book was the overuse of the word incredulously which features a total of 32 times throughout the whole book. I’m not normally one to complain about the use of such a word, however when there are so many other alternatives that could’ve been used that wouldn’t have detracted from the point Alexander was trying to make, this one grated on me slightly. 

My second disappointment were the characters. There wasn’t a lack of characters, but possibly anoverabundance of them instead. Every now and then, I would have to take a moment and remember who was who, who was on whose side, etc. Just when I thought there wasn’t going to be the sudden introduction of a new character we would then have to go and see somebody else who ended up as a main part of the storyline. Too many characters and not enough memorable things about the main characters.  

My last disappointment, and this one may seem stupid, was the ending. I hate it when a book ends because I am then faced with the problem of what to read next. However as I already had a second book on the go this wasn’t an issue. My issue was that the ending was well suited to the book and how the storyline went, until the words The End appeared as the last line. I hate the use of “the end” because it is how I associate the endings of fairytales, not novels about the bible featuring a whole lot of murder.

Now that I have those off my chest, I can start on the good points which made this book enjoyable for me. 

I recently became a fan of Dan Brown after reading Angels and Demons, so now anything that sounds like it is going to be just as good as, or even better than his books I will give a chance. There was a faceless group – ‘The Group’ – an artefact people were willing to kill for and a murder so this book was right up my street! There was a great use of technology throughout the book which of course is something books published a while ago lack, but published in 2016 there isn’t any scrimping on the tech – in fact this book helps to show how technology helps us with solving crimes, surveillance and safety. 

Something I really love about books – short chapters. This book was full of them! Short chapters don’t make me feel as guilty for sitting around all day reading because I get through them so quickly and can easily put them down for ten minutes to do something quickly. They’re also brilliant for when I wanted to read in bed before going to sleep. Every now and then I struggle to stay awake and hate leaving a book in the middle of chapter but I didn’t have this problem whatsoever with The Secret of Heaven. 

The Secret of Heaven was an action packed, crime riddled tale of The Groups hunt for the Lost Bible with a hint of corruption in government and in protective forces. 

I am sure when Felix Alexander released book number two in the Aiden Leonardo series, I will end up reading it out of curiosity to see how he develops the character further and to see what mischief Aiden will get himself into this time!

You are able to purchase The Secret of Heaven here for kindle.

Felix Alexander can be found on Twitter as @ForeverPoetic and is also on Facebook here.  


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